You ever meet someone who thinks their kid is the greatest ever?


5 Responses to “You ever meet someone who thinks their kid is the greatest ever?”

  1. August 14, 2009 at 12:32 PM

    We’ve all met them. The folks who can’t get through a sentence without rattling off their kid’s statistics. The folks who need to make sure everyone else knows about what their kid did in the big game last night. The folks who don’t understand that there’s a fine line between being genuinely proud of your kid and coming across like a jackass who has no sense of reality or perspective. Wanna guess what can make this situation even worse? You guessed it, it’s when these people are given a whistle and a clipboard and are coaching not only their own kid but YOURS TOO!!!

    Anyone else ever experience a situation like this when the town team becomes nothing more than a showcase for little Johnny or little Susie and all the other kids are simply used as props to make one or two kids look better?

    At this point you should all know that you can use anonymous nicknames on this site so here’s your chance to vent.

    I want to hear about some of the worst stories you ever heard but after you vent, please think of this…what impact do you think this parental attitude can have short and long term on the child?

    Ahhhhhh, pretty deep huh? Did you think this was going to be just a bitch session? Not a chance. I want you to think and to provide some thoughtful insights here. No right or wrong answers, just opinions so have at it.


    Coach Tony

  2. 2 Joeybagabaseballs
    August 14, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    Coach Tony,
    This topic is one that is at the very top of list of the problems in *youth sports. Yes there are many others which are important and worth expressing an opinion about but this is the grad daddy of them all because it is the cause of so many others.

    We all would like our kids to learn some valuable life lessons while they are participating in youth sports. This one however is one for the parents the kids generally may not even realize that the parent of the greatest kid ever is a jackass.It used to bother me when dealing with this type of parent as a coach, because I didn’t see the forest through the trees…. *I used to see it as a problem with youth sports but I was wrong. The jackass parent doesn’t just show up at the sporting event and suddenly act that way, they do when they leave as well. At home ,at work,at a cocktail party, on the golf course, pretty much everywhere they go. Its true that at a sporting event it may seem painfully obvious but the life lesson I have learned as a coach and a parent is in life there are allot of parents who are jackasses period. When “little Johnny”is on my team I do my best to show the poor kid the right way to be on off the field.

  3. August 14, 2009 at 8:45 PM

    I try to be as positive as I can with each and every child. Yet we have all run into the parent who tells you what position to play thier child and how he should be used on the field. As the Coach you can tell pretty much right off the bat which kids are more capable then others. When I see a child not making contact when hitting or not even getting a glove up to catch a ball then seeing the child with a hundred dollar bat…2 batting gloves..and eye black…bells go off in my head.

    I had one Father who wanted his son to pitch and kept on TELLING me how good he was. I saw the kid throw to other kids in practice and during games in the infield and I knew right away that NO WAY was this kis ready. I did not want to pitch the boy but I did let him pitch the last inning of a game. Needless to say I did not want to crush the boys desire to play but it was obvious that he could not reach the plate on 2 throws. I left him out there to stuggle but with as much encouragement from both myself and his teammates. Finally after walking every batter and giving up the max runs for the inning…it was over. I told him at the next practice to come down early and we would work on making him a better pitcher. He said he did not want to pitch anymore. I told him it was ok..not to give up. His Dad told him they would go down to the field and he would teach him. Funny…I guess the Dad just assumed his son would be good without ever even seeing his pitch or working with him. Downright scary.

  4. 4 JMC
    August 17, 2009 at 9:22 AM

    Oh what a topic….this is so happening in our very small town! Since first grade he has coached so no other girl could play short stop ( when many were very deserving). Will only compliment his own daughter and comes right out and tells everyone his daughter is the best in the grade! ( which is not true). The girl was playing short stop ….made a bad throw in the dirt to first….the girl at first made a great play…scooped the ball and he yells out to his daughter….”great throw!” All he is doing is making the other kids not want to play and making the other kids not like his daughter. His attitude is actually rubbing off on her because she is now telling kids no one will be bale to throw her out because she is the fastest runner or no one will be able to hit off her because she is the best pitcher! Teams score the most runs off her! If any other girl is pitching and walks more than 3 batters he is saying ” are you done?” “wanna come out?” when his daughter is pitching she lets up 11 runs and he will never once ask her if she is done or wants to come out!! People like this should not be aloud to coach!!!!

  5. August 17, 2009 at 10:05 AM


    I think it’s safe to say that we have ALL met this guy. He certainly gets around because I hear about him whenever I do a seminar, no matter where in the country I may be.

    This man needs to be stopped!!!!

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