My favorite post so far and why….


2 Responses to “My favorite post so far and why….”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    OK, now that I have your attention…

    a few weeks ago I posted a topic about the parents we all meet who aren’t satisfied enough with telling you that their kid is doing well. They have to go into every detail and statistic, whether you want to hear it or not. My thought was that every team has one, right?

    Well, it turns out that every team has a LOT of them.

    I had discussions with no less than 7 different parents who have kids playing on teams that I know and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM gave me the following reply:

    “Hey, Tony, that’s a good one. You must be talking about Mr. Smith.”


    “Well then, it has to be Mr. Johnson.”




    Now, while I would never call out a parent specifically, I found it amusing that each person I talked to had more than a few viable candidates who fit this description, and from the same team!!!

    I found it even more amusing that a few of them finally asked, “Do you think it’s me?”

    Usually, the ones who asked that weren’t the culprits and even more amusing still is that when I talked to a parent who actually fit this description, the idea that it might be them didn’t even cross their mind.

    Here’s my question.

    It’s obvious that many of us do this, whether we know it or not. But why do we do it?

    I really want to get some ideas on this one so please put some thought to it and send me your responses.

    Thanks and GO STEELERS!!!

    Coach Tony

  2. 2 Diane
    September 10, 2009 at 12:18 PM

    I think parents do that because they’re spending so much damn time and money on these sports that they are trying to convince themselves that it’s worth it!!! 😉

    And then there’s always the fact that parents love their kids and are proud of their “accomplishments”, as relative as they may be – and they just want to “share” (come on, we’ve all done that – and if you don’t think you have, then you’re either a damn idiot or a liar 😉 Of course, we are hoping that we haven’t taken it to the extreme like “those parents” have.

    Then there’s the “keeping up with the Joneses” phenomenon. You know, Mr. Smith thinks Johnny is SO GREAT and just HAS to tell you all about him, so you feel OBLIGATED to share how great Jimmy is…ESPECIALLY if Jimmy is “really” better than Johnny to begin with. Parenting is the most competitive sport out there, it seems.

    And finally, you have the simplest explanation of all – some people are just arrogant and conceited 🙂

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