After-Game handshake. I think it’s crap and deep down, so do you!!!


1 Response to “After-Game handshake. I think it’s crap and deep down, so do you!!!”

  1. September 11, 2009 at 5:24 PM

    If you believe that the pre-game or post-game handshake lines at sporting events promote good sportsmanship, then don’t waste your time reading this because you’ll only get upset.

    I believe that handshake lines, aside from generating more mileage from how they look than by what they mean, are about as sincere as a Bill Clinton confession.

    I’ve been coaching and playing in organized sports for 35 years and I observe several intersting things on the handshake line:

    Eye contact is minimal. No one stops and says anything meaningful. It’s one long monotone of g’game-g’game-g’game-g’game-g’game, the essence of style over substance. The epitome of holow gesture, it’s exactly what we shouldn’t be teaching.

    If we’ve learned anything at all from LaGarrette Blount from Oregon, it’s that post-game handshake lines are not only logistical nightmares, they force players from opposing teams to occupy the same real estate two minutes after a game while emotions are running high. They create more potential harm than their desired effect of promoting harmony.

    Think about what would have happened after the Oregon/Boise State game last week if the two teams exited the field in different directions. There is absolutely no condoning LaGarrette Blount’s sucker punch. But that kid from Boise State most definitely precipitated the incident by taunting Blount.

    I personally wonder why the two teams had to be so near each other after the game?

    I’ve seen handshake lines create unnecessary contentiousness at numerous high school athletic events. Handshake lines still occur, I imagine, because nobody has the guts to propose we end them in fear of being called unsportsmanlike.

    Fine. If that’s unsportsmanlike, then maybe I’m unsportsmanlike. Anyone else care to join the million-moron march with me?

    One high school coach in CT even had to explain himself to his superiors last year after he told his team to forgo the postgame handshake line. Apparently, the coach’s concern over his players’ safety — and the possibility of a brawl — wasn’t as important as a team parent crying over “bad sportsmanship.”

    Funny thing about sportsmanship. Everyone thinks they know what it means but few of us actually do. Sportsmanship is a mutual respect among competitors while maintaining a strong desire to perform and win. PERIOD!!!

    Shaking someone’s hand after a sporting event should be voluntary. If a player feels strongly enough about another player’s effort, let him seek out that other player on his or her own. Chances are, they’ll look each other in the eye and communicate in a truly meaningful manner. And such a meeting might not happen on the field. Maybe it’s at the snack stand long after emotions have subsided or in the mall the next day. I know when I played, I would always look for the kid on the other team who did something special and make a point to tell him

    The idea that two teams leaving the field in opposite directions is unsportsmanlike is ridiculous. You can line up opposite someone the whole game, inflict pain upon him and even insult his or her mother … and then some magical high five after the game makes everything OK?

    What crap!!!

    Gimme some opinions.

    Coach Tony

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