This coach was trying to lift team spirit and boy did he EVER!!!


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  1. September 12, 2009 at 12:02 PM

    Just this past week, on September 10, FORMER La Cueva High School baseball coach Stan McKeever admitted paying in excess of $500 for exotic dancers to entertain two of his players in a Denver hotel room last year, according to a police report.

    The document said the women danced, “disrobed completely” and gave the boys back rubs while McKeever left and went back to his own room, according to one of the players.

    McKeever was discharged Aug. 19 over the incident, which only recently bubbled up to the attention of school officials. McKeever admitted to Albuquerque Public Schools investigators that he hired the women and left them alone with the players. He said that it was a one-time lapse in judgment and that the players pressured him to do it.

    According to an APS police report released to the Journal in response to an Inspection of Public Records Act request, the nationally acclaimed coach and the players, who have since graduated, were in Denver over the summer of 2008 for a showcase event for top baseball prospects.

    McKeever told APS police the players wanted him to take them to a strip club.

    He said he refused time and again but relented once the trio had checked into a hotel room after attending a Colorado Rockies game.

    McKeever told investigators he thumbed through the local phone book before calling to inquire about dancers. Two women showed up with a stereo and McKeever paid them $222.50 each with his personal credit card.

    There was an additional charge of $67 and a cash tip of $100.

    The initial transaction occurred in the hallway, and the women entered the players’ room while the coach left and went to his own.

    According to the documents, one of the players said they remained dressed but the dancers stripped while dancing to music. The boys lay down, and the dancers climbed onto the players’ beds and rubbed their backs. They said there was no sexual contact.

    One of the players told APS police that McKeever told them not to discuss the incident with anyone. However, word eventually leaked out after the relationship between one of the players and the coach soured over the next year.

    The player’s father at one point reportedly approached McKeever and told him to “do the right thing” and resign.

    Both the players were 17 years old at the time. One player gave a statement while the other declined to talk directly to investigators. His parents were interviewed.

    At one point during his interview, McKeever addresses an earlier statement in which he acknowledged to La Cueva principal Jo Ann Coffee that one mistake might have ruined his career.

    ” … You work for 25 years, you make one poor decision one night of your life and it just ruins everything and, you know, and I told them, I said you know, I said there’s just people in this world that have done far worse … ”

    He is quoted as saying he didn’t understand why people were so upset.

    McKeever said that, after the dancers left, he asked the boys what happened.

    They told him the girls “danced and they stripped down to their little g-string bikinis and they dirty danced and they, you know, and they waved and wiggled their boobs and they wiggled their butts in front of us …. you know we weren’t allowed to touch or anything.”

    McKeever said he hoped the “powers that be” would have it in their heart to give him another chance. He cited alleged indiscretions by Bill Clinton and Rick Pitino, and said people at APS had been allowed to keep their jobs after getting DWIs.

    He said he had told Coffee he made a mistake and that his life was teaching and coaching.

    “I shouldn’t have gotten these dancing girls for these guys and I did, I just told her, this is my whole life,” he said in the interview. “…those kids pestered me and pestered me and they pressured me into it and they talked me into doing something stupid … ”

    McKeever also said there was no way he was “going to get any prostitutes for these kids, there is absolutely no way that was going to happen and there was no way that I was going to allow there to be any, you know, sex or anything else … .”

    He said it was “just a couple of little bikini dance things … I just thought it was an innocent enough thing that would keep them happy for all these things they were asking and I was just trying to be a friend, be their buddy and be cool.”

    McKeever background

    Stan McKeever coached La Cueva’s baseball program to national prominence earlier this decade, winning five state titles and setting what was then the national high school record for consecutive wins. McKeever averaged nearly 24 wins a season during his tenure with the Bears, a stint that ended in August after the allegations surfaced. McKeever, 44, was placed on paid leave by APS on Aug. 11, then fired eight days later. He was entering his 23rd year as a math teacher and coach in the school system. He is slated to have his appeal heard by Superintendent Winston Brooks within a matter of days.

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