Sexual discrimination in Wisconsin…do they ever think they’ll get away with this stuff???


1 Response to “Sexual discrimination in Wisconsin…do they ever think they’ll get away with this stuff???”

  1. October 26, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    A girl who broke her collarbone during an Evansville High School football practice, while not wearing the protective gear that the boys were wearing, reached an out-of-court settlement Friday in her civil rights lawsuit against the Evansville School District.

    The parties were unavailable Friday afternoon for comment on the settlement of the suit, which was to go to trial on Monday in federal court. District Judge Barbara Crabb signed a dismissal order Friday after learning that the case had been settled.

    Ivyanne Elborough was 14 years old and the only girl to join the freshman football team in August 2007. She alleged that coach Ron Grovesteen discriminated against her by not unlocking the girls’ locker room before practices. Instead, Elborough had to find a janitor to gain access to the locker room where her football gear was stored.

    During the week of Aug. 20, 2007, Elborough’s mother, Deborah St. Aubin-Elborough, complained to Grovesteen and Athletic Director Brian Cashore that it was unfair and dangerous for her daughter not to have equal access to the school’s changing facilities.

    Cashore said he would try to make sure that the locker room was opened before practice but Grovesteen stated there was nothing he could do, according to court documents.

    When she was locked out of the locker room on Aug. 30, Elborough joined practice without donning shoulder pads. Grovesteen offered her and the other freshman players a choice between participating in drills with the junior varsity and varsity players or just watching. Elborough participated in the drills and fractured her right clavicle practicing against boys who were wearing football equipment.

    The Elboroughs sued the school district and Grovesteen, alleging sex discrimination and violation of Elborough’s right to equal protection. It contended that Grovesteen allowed Elborough to practice without shoulder pads because he wanted to show that girls were not tough enough to play football and to deter Elborough and other females from participating in the future.

    In responding to the suit, the school district and Grovesteen denied Elborough’s allegations and claimed they were immune from lawsuits.

    Crabb had earlier dismissed Elborough’s discrimination claim but allowed the equal protection claim to go to trial.

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