A worthwhile post from one of you…I think it’s a pretty interesting observation…how about you?


1 Response to “A worthwhile post from one of you…I think it’s a pretty interesting observation…how about you?”

  1. November 5, 2009 at 10:32 AM

    Dear Coach Tony
    What do you do with a Cheerleader who has “special” issues and wants to be part of a cheerleading team?
    I’ve seen and heard of stories of boys with special needs who love football and want to be part of the team. You even posted one such story and I think the stories were amazing. It seems that everyone from the coach to the parents, the players and even the opposing teams all seem more than willing to make some accommodation for that child to be part of an exceptional life experience, whether the boy was allowed to be the team manager, participate in practice, or in some rare but compelling circumstances, allowed to run a specially-designed play for a touchdown. While I think these people should all be applauded for creating wonderful opportunities for these young children, I wonder when the same human kindness has not been applied to a young girl with special needs who wants to contribute to the cheerleading team. This young girl simply does not have the coordination or the stamina to keep up with the “elite” cheerleaders (one of which happens to be my own daughter). Instead of understanding and compassion for a kid who clearly could benefit from it, this beautiful young lady was told by the coaches that she was just not going to be part of the competition squad. For some reason the views of the coaches and some parents is that she should give up the one activity she loves the most because she cannot perform the routines and might affect the outcome of a competition.
    Do I think that this girl should be highlighted in a major competition and dampen the opportunities for the other and more accomplished girls? Of course not. But isn’t there a way to allow this young lady to experience something she loves so much without sacrificing the oh so very precious win/loss record for this cheerleading team? Isn’t there a way for her to perform even the smallest of routines simply on the sideline of a game to make her feel the same level of accomplishment that many of us with athletic children take for granted? Do you think that maybe at a major competition, the coaches and officials of the other teams might decide to allow that same insignificant routine to be performed during the competition so that a young girl might get the chance to shine that she otherwise may never have in her life? In our case, we will simply never know so the question I have is this…Why is it acceptable for the football player to have this amazing experience but cheerleader is asked to step aside for the good of the team. As a parent who is truly blessed with athletic children I am disappointed but is this a case of a double standard because she’s a girl or is this just a case of a coach who COULD do something really great but just doesn’t want to?

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