Is this the type of legacy any basketball coach would want?


1 Response to “Is this the type of legacy any basketball coach would want?”

  1. January 23, 2010 at 8:03 PM

    Houston Chronicle
    Yates’ 100-point streak ends in win over Westbury
    By MAURICE BOBB For the Chronicle
    Jan. 20, 2010, 10:23PM
    Scoring six points with 1:30 remaining in a basketball game may sound like an attainable goal, but for Yates, it was mission impossible.
    Unable to log its 12th 100-point plus game for the season, the Lions, ranked No. 3 in the nation on USA Today’s Super 25, had to settle for a 94-64 win over Westbury Wednesday night at Barnett Stadium.
    Brandon Peters scored 28 points, Joe Young scored 25 and Elton Roy added 19 for Yates, which has won its 43rd straight game, including last season. Marquis Jones tallied 15 points for the Rebels, who had a three-game winning streak snapped.
    Westbury employed patience and methodical passing as its game strategy in the opening period. The Rebels elected to slow things down, even on would-be fast breaks, to keep the Lions from running up the score. By the end of the first quarter, the Westbury had successfully put a tourniquet on the Yates’ high-scoring ways, holding the Lions to 16 first-quarter points.
    Westbury continued to fluster Yates with the slowed pace in the second quarter. But even when the going was slow, the Lions found ways to break out of the trance for key rallies. Roy found enough space on the wing to shoot three jumpers from behind the arc, netting 15 points by halftime.
    Fired up, the Lions broke out of Westbury’s slow dance in the third quarter when Roy lobbed an alley-oop to Peters, who emphatically flushed it home, to go up by 14 with 6:36 remaining. Roy and Peters connected for two more highlight-reel alley-oops in the fourth, as Yates began to gain steam to go up 66-44.
    With less than three minutes to go, Peters broke away for a crowd-pleasing, 360-degree dunk to push the Lions’ total to 84.
    From that point on, Yates employed a strategy of their own: immediately foul on the inbounds play. Westbury went to the free-throw line seven times in that span, giving the Lions plenty of opportunities to pad their point total to triple-digits, but missed shots and broken plays tripped them up as the clock wound down.

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