Just plain sickening…you won’t believe this and it will be on this week’s show


1 Response to “Just plain sickening…you won’t believe this and it will be on this week’s show”

  1. March 16, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    Atlantic High School football coach James Andre Thaddies was accused of sexual misconduct while teaching in Minnesota in the 1990s, but that information did not surface when he was hired in Florida in 2005, a Palm Beach County school official said Thursday.

    Thaddies, 40, was arrested last week and charged with two misdemeanor counts of battery after two Atlantic High female student-athletes accused him of groping and biting them. The incidents are alleged to have occurred in late December and early February.

    Before Thaddies was hired in Palm Beach County in August 2005, he listed two Minnesota misdemeanor convictions on his job application — one for furnishing alcohol to a minor; the other for careless driving.

    Thaddies then appeared before a criminal background committee, which determined he was hirable, according to Palm Beach County School District spokesman Nat Harrington.

    But according to Minnesota appellate court records, a female student at Osseo High School who had accused Thaddies of giving her the alcohol, also claimed Thaddies forced her to perform sexual acts in November 1996. Thaddies was not charged with any crimes of a sexual nature.

    The Minnesota school district suspended Thaddies and he resigned shortly after that, according to documents. Harrington said the accusations of sexual misconduct did not show up on Thaddies’ background report.

    “If their background reveals arrests or convictions that preclude them from working here, we don’t hire them,” Harrington said. “There was nothing that came up that would prohibit us from hiring him.”

    Harrington also said Thaddies had a teaching license when he applied, “which says to us he is in good standing with the education system.”

    The Palm Beach County School District has reassigned Thaddies to an administrative position until the case is resolved and he is not allowed on school grounds. He is scheduled to be arraigned April 8.

    If Thaddies is convicted, Harrington said he will be fired.

    Thaddies, also an assistant boys track coach and a behavioral intervention associate at the school, declined comment Wednesday and did not return a message Thursday.

    He was arrested in February 2009 and charged with domestic battery after his wife told police he punched her in the face. Charges later were dismissed.

    Thaddies, a former Atlantic and University of Minnesota football player, is 32-12 in four seasons as head football coach.

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