Are your kids being held hostage? They are and you probably don’t even know it…


3 Responses to “Are your kids being held hostage? They are and you probably don’t even know it…”

  1. April 7, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    Hey Gang

    I just received the most interesting email and I felt compelled to share it with you all. In fact, I’m going to make it a topic for the show this week as well, time permitting.

    Here it is:

    Hey Coach Tony,

    Different topic that I am anxious to discuss…

    I am on such a mission to try to make a DIFFERENCE and speak out about why soccer MUST be played in the spring as well as the fall. My kids love soccer. But it makes it really hard on THEM and the parents to try to juggle the other spring sports that are TYPICALLY played in the spring, ie. softball, baseball, and LAX.

    I refuse to complain any longer about it. I want to make an attempt to change this. Our kids should have the opportunity to play on a competitive soccer team during the fall WITHOUT committing to the spring season as well. I think it is absolutely unfair and outlandish.

    Not sure where to start with this, but I have a feeling once I get something organized, perhaps you can help me.

    I know there are SO MANY other parents (and Kids) that feel the same way I do.

    Why should we accept this????

    Please share your thoughts with me.

    It is one thing to choose to play spring soccer, but you shouldn’t be obligated to play in the spring just b/c you were good enough to play on a travel team in the spring.

    Aren’t we supposed to be encouraging our kids at this age to play multiple sports and be well rounded. They are TOO young to have to make a decision.

    I am insanely passionate about this topic.


    xxxxxxx (name left out intentionally)

    OK, I LOVE this email and i think it strikes to the very heart of what’s wrong with youth sports in our country.

    Get your butts to the keyboard and let me know what you think and mroe importantly, get your butts to the radio and phone on Saturday, this could be a good one. BTW, this leads us nicely into the discussions of forced sports specialization and burnout in our kids.

    Coach Tony

  2. 2 eric
    April 11, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    Unfortunately most travel soccer leagues ARE 2 season leagues. In almost all cases player cards are issued and transferring between teams during the two seasons is not allowed. Tryouts, like most sports, are held once per year. It is not practical to have one season with the stronger, partially committed players and then another season with newly acquired “replacement” players. What do you tell the “replacement” players when the fall season comes and the “stronger” players want back on the team? In most towns there are no options other than to play the two seasons. Not all kids want to commit to both seasons and that’s fine. There are alternative leagues, like AYSO, that allow you to play either the fall or spring season. Like any travel team there is a commitment level that is required for travel soccer. 10 of the 15 kids on my U9 travel team also play lacrosse and baseball. The coaches of each of these teams understand that there are multi sport players and try to accommodate. There are occasional conflicts and choices that need to be made. However for the most part they are able to co-exist and it works out.

  3. April 12, 2010 at 9:59 AM


    Some good points. I guess the real problem I have is that these leagues tend to have an attitude of “the kids that burn out aren’t the kids we want anyway”. They take an approach that leaves a ton of roadkill behind in its tracks.

    Also good to see that some coaches at least try to co-exist. Most of the travel coaches tend to not care about kids’ other commitments and simply tell parents, if you don’t commit 100%, we don’t want you.

    I can understand a soccer coach telling parents not to play for another SOCCER team but to tell them their kid cannot try lacrosse of baseball or softball is just ridiculous.


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