over-the-top victory celebrations…no longer just inappropriate but apparently dangerous…read on


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  1. June 16, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    It was only a short time ago that Kendy Morales of the Angels performed a celebratory leap after a home run and broke his leg. I couldn’t help but wonder, “How freaking stupid is that? Why would someone risk an injury by celebrating in such a way?” Well, wouldn’t you know it, even THAT has found its way into amateur sports and the results were just as significant.

    UCLA has lost starting second baseman and number three batter Tyler Rahmatulla, who suffered a broken wrist in the dog-pile celebration after the Bruins’ 8-1 victory over Cal State Fullerton Sunday.

    This victory put UCLA into the College World Series but Rahmatulla will be watching the whole thing from the dugout.

    Whenever I see a dog-pile celebration, especially in baseball, my first thought is always, “How is it that no one ever seems to get hurt. Aren’t someone’s metal spikes going to land on a hand, or ankle…or HEAD???”

    There has been many a sports blooper show that has highlighted some of the clumsiest of celebrations and i still wonder why our younger athletes, mimic and model this behavior.

    I personally always found myself staying on the perimeter of such celebrations. Perhaps I was just a wuss but I’d rather be a wuss without an injury than someone trying to explain that their “sports injury came from Tommy’s butt landing on my elbow” 🙂

    Sometimes I rant but the idea here is how do you get kids to stop celebrating inappropriately?

    Any thoughts? Anyone just wanna poke fun at these idiots who hurt themselves?

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