best questions so far for the umpires for this week’s show


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  1. August 19, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    OK, Umps. The questions so far seem really good and here’s the list as it stands right now. You have your work cut out for you.

    Question 1 – Steve from Katonah

    Blue, you realize you have blown a call in a game. Do you, under any circumstances, ever issue a pay back call (resulting in two blown calls) if given the opportunity?

    Question 2 – William from Babylon

    Do you ever let an annoying coach / pitcher / fan cloud your judgment in making accurate ball strike calls?

    Question 3 – Tony from Irvington

    Is there a hidden code to when a coach asks for help on whether a batter has swung or not? It seems like the longer a plate umpire takes to ask for help, the less likely it will be called a swing?

    Question 4 – Jack from Chicago

    What do you think about instant replay? Is there pushback simply because umpires don’t want to be shown up?

    Question 5 – Mike from Westchester

    Why is it OK for an umpire to show-up a hitter with a dramatic strike three call, but a batter can’t even look at an umpire after a questionable call?

    Question 6 – Jim from Scarsdale

    Why is not interference when the catcher blocks a runner from touching the plate? Please site the rulebook. (This is an extreme pet peeve of mine).

    Question 7 – Joe from Yonkers

    If you were a manager, would you ever leave the dugout to argue a call with the umpire. If so, why?

    Study up on your answers and be prepared to address them this Sunday morning at 9 am eastern time. Listen online at http://www.wfasam.com and call in to 914-693-5700.

    Any questions, let me know at heycoachtony@gmail.com



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