cheerleader still told she has to cheer for her (alleged) rapist…


1 Response to “cheerleader still told she has to cheer for her (alleged) rapist…”

  1. November 24, 2010 at 4:11 PM

    She is identified by her real name now, Hillaire. But after almost 21 months she still can’t bring herself to say somebody else’s.

    Hillaire was a cheerleader, yelling for her high school basketball team in a Texas town. A player went to shoot a free throw. Hillaire knelt in silence.
    The player had been arrested for allegedly raping her four months earlier. Temporarily cleared of the charge, Rakheem Bolton was back on campus. Because of that, school officials told Hillaire to cheer for him.
    “I was not going to do it,” she said.
    Hillaire was kicked off the team. She filed a lawsuit, which an appeals court recently rejected. She had no right to remain silent.
    Her defiance has become the non-cheer heard ’round the world. TV networks, magazines and blogs have weighed in on what happened in Silsbee, Texas. An online petition demanding the school officials apologize has gathered 16,270 signatures, more than twice the population of the East Texas town.
    It all sounded so preposterous that I figured there had to be more to it. Court decision aside, how could adults make a 16-year-old cheer for her alleged rapist?
    “The whole thing is twisted,” principal Gaye Lokey said.

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