A HS pitcher gets cut because he can’t field bunts well…care to guess why?


1 Response to “A HS pitcher gets cut because he can’t field bunts well…care to guess why?”

  1. February 12, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    A high school sophomore pitcher who can throw 80 MPH with a “wicked curve” gets cut from his high school team because he can’t field bunts all that well. Wanna know why he has some trouble with that particular task? The fact that he happens to have two prosthetic legs may have something to do with it. And this kid was a cover boy for an ESPN Magazine story about athletes with prosthetics!

    Think the coach is gonna catch some grief over this? Does he deserve to catch grief over this?
    Where you come out on this probably has a lot to do with where you believe super competitive, winner-take-all reality should begin. Middle School? High School? Pre School? Earlier? Later?

    Some believe that teammates should expect only the most able athletes to play with them. Some might view this and believe this kid should get extra points for determination and courage.

    Will other teams have the morality to prevent them from laying down bunts if this kid were pitching when they’d certainly do it if, say, a fat kid were pitching?

    Too many moving parts for me to give an outright opinion on this without hearing from you guys first. I might do this on the show tomorrow if I have time. If not, probably next week.


    Coach Tony

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