more sickening hockey crap…anyone surprised?


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  1. March 16, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    Windsor Royals goalie Tyler Whynot is the latest victim of a violent play in a hockey game.

    The 20-year-old from Coldbrook is out indefinitely after Bay Ducks forward Chad Davis knocked him unconscious with a vicious hit late in Saturday’s Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League playoff game in Upper Tantallon.

    The play happened with 21 seconds left in a 5-3 Windsor win and Royals general manager David Keith said “it was an obvious attempt to injure our player.”

    “It was the third attack on our goalie in the last three minutes of the game,” Keith said. “Davis came down his wing, skated right through the faceoff circle into the crease and tore his head off. He threw his forearm and elbow right into his head.

    “If you look at the game sheet, you’ll see penalties with 2:53 left and 37 seconds left that were from other times they tried to run him. It’s just a joke.”

    Whynot was motionless for several minutes after the hit, said Keith, who estimated paramedics needed 45 minutes to stabilize him in the dressing room.

    Keith said Whynot’s heart rate rapidly accelerated to a dangerous level and sent him into a state of panic and confusion. Once the four paramedics and team trainer Lloyd Rideout had him stabilized, Whynot was taken by ambulance to the QEII hospital for a CAT scan on his brain and X-rays on his spine to check for breaks. Both tests were negative.

    “He went into shock and they had to clear the room to get him under control,” Keith said.

    “His felt like his head was coming off his shoulders and he got confused because he’d just been knocked out. He was scared to death.

    “Hockey Canada and Hockey Nova Scotia need to get a handle on this. Their team was out of control, just like it said in the referee’s report.”

    Davis has since been kicked off the team and suspended indefinitely by the league. Ducks owner and general manager Brian Cashen issued an apology to the Royals, which was posted on the league’s website.

    “As I write this letter I have a very heavy heart as hopefully everyone knows I love the game of hockey,” Cashen wrote. “I would never do anything to ever injure a player in any way and after the actions of Saturday night all I can think about is this player and his teammates.

    “Words will not fix what (happened) but I would like to offer my most sincere apologies to the Windsor Royals hockey club and (their) coaching staff. I have addressed this issue with my team and have let this player know he is no longer with this hockey club. I know this does not fix what (happened) but want to let you know my players are very upset with what happened.”

    Cashen went on to write he will be replacing head coach Dave Bennett on the bench for the remainder of the season.

    “There are no excuses for this player’s actions but as GM and owner of this hockey club it is my responsibility to police this and I did not do a very good job on Saturday night,” Cashen wrote.

    “I take full responsibility for this and will make sure it does not happen again.”

    Keith called the apology “a complete farce” and expressed more disgust with the Ducks’ tactics.

    “They’re behind with 21 seconds left and they put a kid on the ice who had one goal all season. What do you think those coaches want from him?” Keith said.

    “You know what, I feel bad for (Davis). They’re making that kid the scapegoat and that’s not fair.”

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