Should NCAA pay the Athletes?


2 Responses to “Should NCAA pay the Athletes?”

  1. March 31, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    GREAT piece on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel last night. Some pretty interesting arguments made on both sides of the aisle. Too many arguments for me to go on a rant right here on the blog but I wanna know what you think so we’ll be highlighting it on the show Saturday at 9 am.

    If you wanna get a little of it off your chest ahead of time, have at it and let’s start the discussion here.

    BTW, don’t think I didn’t pick up on a LOT of the really stupid things that were said. I’ll be sure to cover those on the show as well.


    Coach Tony

  2. 2 Domenick Giudice
    April 1, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    Feel in addition to the opportunity for a top level education (which is often wasted and very expensive of course), the exposure/fame these players receive is overlooked. Many of these “exploited” stars who pack the house become local, statewide and even national stars/heros. How much is that worth? Many non-pro prospects receive notoriety and have doors opened that other students do not. The guy who doesn’t break through, has no pro player or coaching future, and fails to make a name for himself, needs to study and get a solid degree. He needs to “exploit” the University- all i have to do is play hoop ( which i love to do anyway ) and i get to attend a big time school for free? Wow- poor kid. Many (who didn’t waste the privelage of a scholarship award ) are successful professionals. The big time NCAA ballplayer who spends his free time livin’ like a rap star instead of studying will be lost if his pro dreams fade- who’s fault is that? Calipari may not encourage cracking the books but i’m sure he’s not discouraging it. Lord knows what guys like this will do with that NCAA money anyway. What happened to college is where we pay our dues and lay the ground work for the future?
    Let the market dictate. The tremendous demand for these scholarships is testimony to how valuable they are. When kids and their parents stop doing everything they can to get these scholarships, and refused to be exploited anymore (rolling eyes) then maybe. When Kentucky and Louisville have trouble fielding a team- let me know! It’s more of the immediate gratification, pay me for showing up, oversensitive world we live in today. Andrian Peterson is an exploited “slave”? Walmart workers are underpaid (when there’s not 300k applicants for 150 jobs at the next Walmart opening let me know! ). When teachers start quitting to take that marketing job with 2 weeks vacation instead of 4 months off- let me know! College ballplayers (who dedicate their entire childhood- yr round AAU, etc.- to getting these scholarships ) already placed on a pedestal high above the other students are being exploited- really? A stipend in lieu of a job for the movies, etc… YES- giving the players a piece of the pie NO. Same people whining the NCAA not sharing that $14 B CBS money will be screaming when the schools raise tuition to cover the cost of paying players. And then does the star point guard get more than the 12th man??? The problem of kids getting money under the table to play will NOT go away. A player wage will become standard and there will still be the same competitive recruiting. As long as kids have multiple offers for their services, there will be incentive to cheat to get them to sign on.

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