please read this and let me know what is driving me nuts about this artcile. It is one sentence. First one who gets it right gets a Hey Coach Tony t-shirt…




2 Responses to “please read this and let me know what is driving me nuts about this artcile. It is one sentence. First one who gets it right gets a Hey Coach Tony t-shirt…”

  1. April 12, 2011 at 7:39 PM

    El Paso County sheriff’s deputies are investigating reports of a large-scale fight during a youth baseball game Saturday at the El Paso County Sportspark.
    The fight involved parents and coaches at a game between the Benchwarmers and the Bombers, teams that include children ages 12 and younger, sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Jesse Tovar said.
    Among the adults involved was an off-duty El Paso police officer who coached one of the teams. Tovar said the officer is listed as a victim in one report and an offender in another report. The officer told deputies that he had been trying to stop the fight when he was attacked from behind by an unknown assailant.
    Tovar said the fight apparently started after allegations that one of the teams allowed its players to use altered baseball bats, which are forbidden.
    The altercation is still under investigation, Tovar said. He also said deputies haven’t received any reports of anyone being hospitalized for any injuries, which in deputies’ reports ranged from abrasions to cut lips.
    “We still have to identify who was directly affected,” Tovar said. “There were several individuals who were involved who left prior to the arrival of authorities, and we still have to speak to them.”
    Tovar didn’t identify the police officer involved in the fight. El Paso police spokesman Detective Mike Baranyay said he couldn’t comment because of the ongoing investigation by sheriff’s deputies.
    Assistant County Parks Director Rey Chavez said he has been notified about the incident.
    “It was halted by the sheriff’s deputies and umpires and a staff member,” Chavez said. “It was an isolated incident and we’ve not had another one this season. We have 140 teams playing and this is the only incident we’ve had up until now.”
    Chavez said the season began early last month.
    The incident has sparked discussion about county officials implementing mandatory anger management classes for parents whose children play in county youth leagues, but County Judge Veronica Escobar said the county has fewer resources when it comes to addressing quality-of-life issues.
    The county is in the midst of a money crunch and has made several budget cuts in the past three years.
    “Quality of life is, in many ways, something that the city chooses to take on as a major government investment,” Escobar said. “This has raised issues for me on how to approach this in the future. This should be a learning experience for us. It is an isolated incident and these things rarely happen at the Sportspark.”
    Chavez said there are currently no plans to increase security at the Sportspark unless a trend in increased fights emerges.
    “We’re in contact with the sheriff’s (office) at all times,” Chavez said. “Their presence alone is a good deterrent. If this were to become a pattern, then yes, we’ll have sheriff’s (deputies) there more often.”

  2. April 12, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    OK, pick out the sentence that drives me nuts and why and a Hey Coach Tony t-shirt is yours…don’t laugh…these are gonna be collectors’ items soon.


    Coach Tony

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