blessing or a curse for youth coaches…read this and let me know if it’ll be on your christmas list


1 Response to “blessing or a curse for youth coaches…read this and let me know if it’ll be on your christmas list”

  1. April 26, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Bob Cook of Forbes.com wrote this piece about some “ground breaking” technology…

    For $2.99, youth coaches get an app that tells parents, “Shut up”
    Apr. 25 2011 – 12:29 am |

    I don’t plan to speak effusively in this blog about individual products, particularly ones I’ve never used. But my youth coaching self is all tingly over a iPhone app developed based on an idea from a coach in Austin, Texas. It’s called Coaching Assistant, and it organizes the biggest pain-in-the-rear task a youth coach faces — making sure every child equal playing time, lest that coach feels the wrath of parents who wonder why their kids play 3.8 seconds less than everyone else.

    The Austin American-Statesman interviewed Rick Fuelling, who came up with the idea, and Daniel Mann of Active-TV Technology, who did the technical work. Youth coaches, you’re going to kick yourselves you didn’t come up with this yourself.

    What are some stressful situations or obstacles in coaching youth sports that the app addresses?

    Fuelling: Youth sports coaches must adhere to the formulas designed to equalize playing time — a frustrating task when dealing with last-minute changes. Instead of having to redo your paper copy minutes before your game time, the app will tell you which player is short playing time.

    Mann: The app has a Schedule Page that visually assists with selecting the required number of players for each game’s quarters or periods. Color coding assists with ensuring each player is allocated an “equal” number of quarters for the game; it’s invaluable for youth sports.

    Fuelling: New coaches feel under pressure from parents to show that kids are getting equal play time. The app makes it easy for the coach to show this.

    For $2.99, it would be worth it, as a youth coach, to respond to parents’ complaints about playing time by being able to wave this app in their face — or, better yet, having something that makes it so easy to organize in the first place that the tense conversation never comes up. Then again, I’m sure that somebody, somewhere, may be developing another app called Parenting Assistant, which allows youth sports parents to track every move the coach makes. Perhaps instead of screaming matches at youth sports events, we’ll have angry app battles.

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