rough week for coaches…when they’re not being fired for garbage reasons, they’re getting attacked…


1 Response to “rough week for coaches…when they’re not being fired for garbage reasons, they’re getting attacked…”

  1. April 28, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    ​Sports dads are the worst. They’re boorish creatures who stalk the sidelines of youth athletic fields, yelling at their kid’s coach, cursing the referee, and heckling the other team. They know no shame, and sometimes they get violent.

    Robert Rodriguez is charged with punching Miami Springs High School baseball coach Jason Moris after Rodriguez’s son got cut from the team.

    Rodriguez showed up at the team’s practice facility last Friday morning and confronted Moris before the scheduled practice, according to the Miami Herald. Rodriguez’s son Ian, a sophomore, was one of four players cut from the team, and Rodriguez had helped the team with conditioning and fundraising during the offseason. Ian was apparently cut for disciplinary reasons.

    The confrontation turned into a heated argument. Rodriguez then sucker-punched Moris when he was putting on his jacket, and continued to attack the coach. To make matters worse, Rodriguez, who is six-foot-three, stands a full foot taller than Moris and weighs more than twice as much.

    Rodriguez then decided to call police to try to have Moris arrested. Police arrived and realized the coach was the guy with the bloody and bruised face, so they promptly arrested the irate sports dad.

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